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It was created to provide general passport information only.

Child safety: Add a child’s name to the passport system lookout

If you’re worried someone might try to get a passport for your child without your consent, please contact the passport office immediately. They can add your child’s name to a special list for their safety.  The list is called the passport system lookout.

Once on the list, the child’s name will remain there until

  • they turn 16, at which time they can apply for an adult passport on their own, or
  • you, the parent or legal guardian of the child, send us a written request to have their name removed from the list

If passport office get a passport application for your child, they will:

  • take extra precautions before we process it
  • check to see that it was authorized by you, the parent or legal guardian.

If you think a child may have been abducted, contact the police immediately.


How does passport office process applications for children on the lookout list

The passport office will take additional verification steps when processing the child’s application. It includes: 
Review all legal documents on file
Ensure that there are no known restrictions on the child’s mobility
Verify that there is no other information that would prevent the issuance of a passport for the child
Will not cancel an existing valid Canadian passport issued in the child’s name to prevent a child from leaving the country
Will not share the child’s name with other Canadian or foreign departments or agencies such as the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
Unfortunately, passport office cannot guarantee that a Canadian passport will not be issued for your child, specifically if the application meets all the requirements and conditions
Contact information
If you have questions or need to speak with someone urgently, call the passport office directly at 1-800-567-6868.
How to schedule an appointment
1) Print and complete the Request to add a child’s name to the passport system lookout [PPTC 489] 
Click here to download the form
2) Make copies of all the required documents

We need all of the following:

  • your identification document (ID) with a signature
  • all documents about custody or mobility of, or access to the child
  • the child’s Canadian or foreign birth certificate
  • the child’s Canadian citizenship certificate (if applicable)

All your documents must be in English or French.

3) Complete the online form to get an appointment

Fill out the online Service Canada form to schedule an in-person appointment.

  • complete the required fields
  • click on Passport Services: Appointment request for a passport service
  • check the box beside To obtain an in-person appointment, select this option.

Service Canada will call you back to schedule your appointment.

For more details: Child safety: Add a child’s name to the passport system lookout – Canada.ca