Who would you elect as the next Prime Minister of Canada?
  • Pierre Poilievre – Conservative 56%, 252 votes
    252 votes 56%
    252 votes – 56% of all votes
  • Justin Trudeau – Liberal 22%, 98 votes
    98 votes 22%
    98 votes – 22% of all votes
  • Jagmeet Singh – NDP 12%, 53 votes
    53 votes 12%
    53 votes – 12% of all votes
  • I don’t really care… 6%, 28 votes
    28 votes 6%
    28 votes – 6% of all votes
  • Maxime Bernier – People’s Party 3%, 13 votes
    13 votes 3%
    13 votes – 3% of all votes
  • Amita Kuttner – Green Party 1%, 6 votes
    6 votes 1%
    6 votes – 1% of all votes
Total Votes: 450
October 6, 2022November 30, 2022
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Please keep in mind that not all fees paid to the passport or immigration services can be refunded.

1) After immigration started processing your application, only these fees can be refunded

  • the right of permanent residence fee (RPRF)
  • the right of citizenship fee
  • the open work permit holder fee (for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt workers only)
  • the employer compliance fee (refunded to the employer)

2) International Experience Canada (IEC) fees (See refunds for IEC)

The immigration processing office may contact you back to ask for some personal information and to make sure you are eligible for a refund. It could take up to 8 weeks to review your request and issue your refund.

Refund for Passport Program

Seeking a refund for your Canadian passport application is a case by case situation. If you applied in Canada, you need to contact the Service Canada Passport Services (aka Passport Office) directly. 

You can reach Passport office at either of their numbers below.

Toll free:

Direct number:

The agents answer calls from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, local time (9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Newfoundland). They do not answer calls on statutory holidays.

They are currently experiencing a very high call volumes right now. Wait times are longer than usual.

For more detail, please visit Contact the Passport Program – Canada.ca